Need Weed Face Mask

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Suppose you are looking for a charming face mask that will set you apart and get heads turning. This weed facemask takes away the “bore” from regular facemasks and complements every outfit.

In addition to its stylish and mesmerizing digital print, NEED WEED FACEMASK features a two-layer protective design to keep you safe. They fit comfortably and prevent Covid and dust particles trying to make their way into your nose. With its 100% micro-knit polyester on the outer layer and unparalleled high-density particle stopper and permanent copper-infused anti-bacteria layer in the middle layer, rest assured you are protected from dust and germs.

The soft stretch ear straps are incredibly comfortable. This genre of facemask is so perfectly made that you won’t feel an atom of weight when carrying them around.

But that’s not all!

The inner layer of the NEED WEED FACEMASK is made of antimicrobial ultra-breathable nylon spandex, making it super cozy and soothing for your face. Its riveting design and catchy print make it a thoughtful gift item. Last but not least, and what virtually everyone wants in a weed facemask, it is machine washable. So, you don’t have to lose sleep over washing and scrubbing your cannabis face mask after every use.

  • Two layer protective face mask with soft stretch ear straps.
  • Outer layer consists of 100% micro knit polyester.
  • Middle layer consists of high density particle stopper with permanent copper infused anti-bacterial layer.
  • Inside layer consists of soft & cozy anti microbial ultra breathable nylon spandex.
  • Machine washable.
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