About us


We are a bunch of stoners looking to provide the best for the cannabis community. That's why we started our own weed merch brand.

Stoner Merch offers cool weed shirts, hoodies and maks for an affordable price.

Find the right way to wear your weed passion on your sleeve with unique and creative designs that offer something more than generic pot leaves or the usual 420 slogans. 

Whether you want to celebrate your favorite aspects of stoner culture, declare your love for weed, or simply need new apparel that shows some personality, Stoner-Merch.com has you covered! We have all the best hoodies, t-shirts, and masks for any occasion. If you want to make people laugh, push a political statement, or simply, boldly declare your love for weed, you will find what you need here! 

It's important for us that you can shop without being affected by any negative stigmas.

As mentioned before, we want to make sure that our stoner merch is affordable for every stoner in this world.

All our weed shirts only cost $19.99 our cannabis hoodies are $39.99 and our marijuana face masks are $12.49.

If you want to make sure to profit from awesome discounts or giveaways make sure to follow us on Social Media. Our Instagram page is @stoner_merch and  you can also find us on Facebook.