May 22, 2022

Like smoking pot, wearing hoodies helps many people feel calm and cozy. Perhaps that’s why pullovers have always been one of the preferred clothing options in the cannabis community. 

Whether it’s their discretion or comfort, hoodies seem to help tokers thoroughly enjoy their smoking experience. Plus, even when potheads aren’t lighting a joint, wearing a hoodie may help recall previous pot sessions.

Although hoodies have long been associated with weed, only recently have companies openly celebrated this connection. Now that cannabis is more mainstream, it’s “high time” stoners used their hoodies to express their “pot passion.”

Anyone interested in celebrating cannabis with their fashion should check out a few of the hot prints on Stoner Merch. These cannabis-related hoodies are sure to send a clear messageandgive you some warm & fuzzy vibes. 

Ten Sizzling Stoner-Themed Hoodies 

“Need Weed” Pullover Hoodie 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “need for speed,” but what about “need for weed?” Since these words rhyme so well, why not put them together? 

Any stoner that wants to show off this catchy phrase could put on Stoner Merch’sNeed Weed Hoodie. This air net yarn pullover has a simple yet clever design that highlights every stoner’s constant “need for weed.” 

Whichever color you opt for, this minimalist hoodie will highlight your weed obsession. 

 Need Weed Hoodie

Green Lungs Pullover Hoodie 

If you live and “breathe” weed, then you’re going to love ourGreen Lungs Pullover Hoodie. As you might have guessed, this hoodie gives viewers an x-ray scan into your bright-green lungs (or should we say “nugs?”).

Compared with other designs, this green lung print is artful and discreet. In fact, many people rock this hoodie in broad daylight without batting an eyelash—except from fellow stoners, of course!

Even if a suspicious neighbor asks what’s on your hoodie, you could respond with something like “fresh herbs” or “trees.” Only those “in the know” will recognize your subtle nod to reefer.  

“It’s A Weed Cough, Not COVID-19” Hoodie

COVID-19 is no joking matter…but everyone could probably use a laugh during this global pandemic. Yeah, COVID-19 restrictions suck, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our sense of humor, right? 

One way marijuana fans could “lighten the mood” (and quickly explain a coughing fit) is to wear a COVID-19 themed hoodie. One best-seller on Stoner Merch clearly says, “My Cough is from Smoking Weed, Not Coronavirus.”

Hey, let’s face it, everyone nowadays is extra sensitive to coughing in public. As long as you’ve got your COVID-19 test, this funny hoodie could diffuse a lot of tension! 

Cannabis Knocks Out Tobacco Hoodie

Stoners know that cannabis kicks tobacco’s “butt.” Not only is weed better tasting, it’s healthier for the mind, body, and spirit. Hey, don’t take our word for it;UCSF researchers now claim cannabis smoking is nowhere near as harmful as nicotine. 

You can play a part in reversing pot’s stigma by donninga hoodie with a jacked-up fan leaf knocking out a cigarette. By wearing this hoodie, you’ll get people thinking about the unfair double-standard weed smokers face. Who knows, you may even inspire nicotine smokers to check out CBD or MMJ. 

I Need A HUGe Bong Hit Hoodie

If you want a hoodie that’ll make others do a double-take, then the “I Need A HUGe Bong Hit” is a must-have. 

Sure, a hug could make you feel warm & tingly, but it probably won’t get you “high.” Even if you’re starving for human contact, most tokers will prefer a hit over a hug.

As a bonus, if people misread your hoodie, you may get a few free hugs. And, honestly, who’s going to complain about that? 

I Need a huge bong hit

“If Nature Is Illegal, Freedom Doesn’t Exist” Hoodie

When haters try to criticize cannabis legalization, you could school them with the simple statement, “If Nature Is Illegal, Freedom Doesn’t Exist.” Better yet, let your hoodie do the talking for you!

With a prominent fan leaf in the center, everyone who sees this hoodie will know where you stand on the legalization debate. You’ll also help spread a powerful meme amongst your fellow marijuana supporters. 

No matter how skilled an anti-weed debater is, there’s no way they could save face in front of this hoodie. 

“Pass Shaggy The Baggy” Hoodie

Anyone with fond memories of Sunday cartoons can’t pass on a stoner hoodie with Scooby-Doo! In this laugh-out-loud hoodie, Hanna-Barbera’s detective doggie is searching for something more substantial than Scooby Snacks. 

In fact, this hoodie says to “Pass Shaggy The Baggy” to “Roll Scooby A Doobie!” OK, these rhymes aren’t as witty as Alexander Pope, but they’re still pretty dope!

Anyone who loves cannabis & cartoons will dig thisScooby-Doo hoodie.

Enjoy Cannabis Hoodie

Forget diabetes-drenched Coca-Cola; if you want to spread smiles, you’ve got to rock Stoner Merch’s“Enjoy Cannabis” hoodie. This logo looks like a legit Coke product until you get a bit closer. Not only are the words changed, you’ll notice a little fan leaf where the “I’s” dot should be. 

If you’re a bigger fan of sugar leaves versus sugary sodas, why not wear this Coca-Cola-inspired hoodie? After all, “You Can’t Beat The Real Thing!” 

Enjoy Cannabis

Indica “In Da Couch” Hoodie

If you’re a diehard Kush fan, you’ve got to show your support with this stoner-approved“In Da Couch” hoodie. In fact, you’ll probably want to wear this hoodie while lighting a few sedating Bubba Kush buds. 

Chances are, you could relate to the sleeping pot joint on this pullover. Even during a stressful day, your hoodie will help you “daydream” of relaxing with Northern Lights nugs.

While this may not be the prime print for sativa smokers, it’s an insanely iconic image for indica lovers. 


Chicken Pot Pie Hoodie

Arguably, a case of the munchies is THC’s best side effect. Indeed, for many tokers, smoking marijuana is their go-to appetite stimulant. 

If you love snacking as much as smoking weed, then you’ve got to check out Stoner Merch’sChicken Pot Pie hoodie. This clever hoodie expertly mixes every stoner’s love for comfort food and comfortable clothing!

Tokers who love food as much as well-cured flowers will enjoy wearing this mouthwatering hoodie.