May 16, 2021

Weed clothes is an excellent way for individuals to show off their love of herb. We take a look at the best stoner clothes for sale on our website.  Find a vast selection of a variety of unique designs and colors that meet the aesthetic and style of any customer. From witty sayings to cool artwork, there is something for everyone. Below are the top best weed clothes for from available for sale on our website.  Find many great options for any stoner’s growing 420-friendly apparel collection. 


15.Weed Leaves Face Mask

Weed Leaf Mask 

Starting off our list with a classic design on the world’s newest, most popular accessory, is Stoner Merch’s weed leaves mask. Given the rise of the novel coronavirus, Stoner Merch has taken steps to ensure that customers have a stylish means of staying safe with masks like this one. 


14.World’s Dopest Dad T-Shirt

Worlds Dopest Dad
Calling all stoner dads: Stoner Merch’s Dad T-Shirt is perfect for reminding everyone that they are the world’s dopest dad. A collaboration between another stylish design, this quality weed shirt is perfect for the dad who is constantly on the go, watching the kids, and taking care of business. 


13.Gokush T-Shirt

For the Dragon Ball Z fans in anyone’s life, this Goku-themed cannabis shirt is a great find. The anime and manga series is the base of this cannabis and Goku crossover. The action-packed series has been popular amongst many for years, making it a natural addition to any collection of stoner clothes.


12.Smile If You Are High Face Mask

As a part of Stoner Merch’s growing face mask collection, this design is a cute way to protect those from the spread of germs and bacteria. Consisting of multiple layers that provide extra protection, this mask is also machine washable. Customers rave about the breathable experience while still being able to remain safe. 


11.Need Weed Pullover Weed Hoodie

Need Weed Hoodie

A perfect gift for anyone who is hoping to convey their need for some new stoner clothes, this simple but clever design is great for any stoner. The soft cotton polyester blend with a low pill surface is sure to easily withstand everyday use, so you can feel great while wearing this weed hoodie. The combination of a subtle design with a comfortable feel is great for smoke sessions and lounging around. 


10.I Roll Blunts Bigger Than Your Dick Marijuana T-Shirt

This shirt is most definitely able to send a message to anyone. For those who are looking to showcase their cannabis use or to make a statement, this shirt is sure to draw attention from cannabis users and non-cannabis users alike. This shirt is also available in a variety of colors, ranging from neutrals to bright pinks allowing for each to be even more unique. 


9.Smiley Weed T-Shirt

Smiley Weed T-Shirt

This creative remix of the classic smiley face design is great as a gift for any stoner. The cannabis-inspired edit of this design combined with the comfort of the weed t-shirt is a great addition to any closet. These shirts are a great way to add personality to any wardrobe that will last through the various washes and smoke sessions. 


8.Unicorn Smoking Pot T-Shirt

Unicorn smoking t-shirt

Great for those who are looking for a combination of cannabis and whimsical creatures, this cute theme is a great, unique design. The cartoon unicorn smoking a blunt is subtle but sure to be noticed by those who share the same appreciation for cannabis. This cute design is sure to make people smile. By far one of the best weed shirts for sale on our website.


7.Smoking Egg Pullover Cannabis Hoodie

 Smoking Egg Hoodie

This cute design is of a cannabis leaf in an egg shape enjoying a smoke. In a style that is similar to the anime design, this is a great addition to any collection. This unique design is also available in different colors to allow for further customization. These weed hoodies are a cotton polyester mix with a low-pill surface that is sure to last. 


6.Cannabis is Safer Than Police

Cannabis Safer Than Police T-Shirt

In a statement that is a nod to the safety of cannabis versus the increase of violence including police, this shirt provides an important message. This direct statement is a great way for anyone to express themselves through apparel. 


5. Antidepressant Weed T-Shirt

Antidepressant Weed T-Shirt

This creative, humorous t-shirt appeals to those who use cannabis for its uplifting effects. For those who are looking for a cute art design to commemorate some of the positive impacts that cannabis can have, this cannabis shirt is perfect. This shirt is sure to cause some laughs and create conversation from those who relate to the positive impacts of weed. 


4.Cannabis Knocks Out Stogs T-Shirt

Stoner Merch’s unique cannabis vs. tobacco design is sure to catch some people’s attention. The design includes a variety of colors ranging from bright red to green and yellow, to help to deliver this message of weed over tobacco. Made of the dependable cotton and polyester blend, this comfortable tee is great for everyday wear. 


3.Humorous Corona Virus Cough Weed shirt

Weed Not Corona Cough

For those who are looking to make a statement about coronavirus and their weed cough, this weed shirt is perfect. Stoners love the relevant saying and its availability in other colors for further customization. This shirt is perfect for everyday use and to quell the concerns others may have about a smoker’s cough. 


2.Funny Covid Weed Face Mask

Funny Covid Face Mask

This weed face mask is a great addition to anyone’s growing collection. This mask has a witty saying that helps to protect customers, making it perfect for those who are looking to shy away from generic patterns. Each mask comes with multiple layers that are easy to clean for the perfect combination of protection and style. 

1. Green Lungs Weed T-Shirt

Stoner Lungs T-Shirt

Finally, Stoner Merch’s most popular piece of apparel: the cleverly designed Green Lungs weed T-shirt. Made out of a comfortable and durable cotton polyester blend, this shirt is sure to make a statement. Customers rave about the design and comfortable feel, making the piece a welcome part of any collection. This unique design of bud in the shape of lungs is great for anyone looking to show off their 420-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and style.

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